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Shoulder Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor Near Bryant Park in New York

Your shoulder joint is a “ball and socket” joint composed of three large bones connected by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Muscles and tendons mostly make up the rotator cuff, a major component of your shoulder that stabilizes shoulder strength and allows you to move and raise your arms. If your shoulder joint or corresponding soft tissues suffer strains, sprains, inflammation, disease or trauma, you may suffer chronic shoulder pain, stiffness and sometimes upper back pain that requires chiropractic care provided by your Midtown chiropractors. Some causes of Shoulder Pain include:


Rotator Cuff Injury

Degeneration of rotator cuff muscles, subluxation of the shoulder joint and ligament/muscle tears are common reasons for experiencing symptoms of a rotator cuff injury. Pain, weakness, stiffness and inability to move your arm out to the side are possible signs of rotator cuff problems. Your chiropractor near Rockefeller Center may treat rotator cuff injuries with adjustments, physical therapy and acupuncture to strengthen the rotator cuff and shoulder joint while reducing pain and inflammation.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

When soft tissues (shoulder capsule) surrounding the shoulder joint thickens and forms scar tissue, you won’t be able to move your shoulder freely without suffering pain and stiffness. Moderate to severe frozen shoulder syndrome may even make it impossible to move your shoulder. People with diabetes, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease and Parkinson’s disease have a higher risk for developing frozen shoulder syndrome

Treatment for frozen shoulder syndrome includes chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Your doctor will create a personalized treatment program to increase range of motion, reduce pain and stiffness, minimize scar tissue and strengthen muscles.


Rotator cuff bursae are small sacs filled with fluid meant to cushion your shoulder bones and ligaments. Overuse and injury may inflame bursae, causing severe pain and restricted range of motion. Your New York chiropractor recommends joint manipulation, acupuncture and shoulder strengthening exercises to reduce bursitis inflammation and pain.


Shoulder tendonitis symptoms include popping or clicking noises coming from your shoulder when you move your arms, pain, stiffness and weakness of your shoulder joint. Microtraumas (small, numerous tears) to rotator cuff tendons is often the cause of shoulder tendonitis instead of a single trauma. Joint manipulation, strengthening/stretching exercises and acupuncture work well to heal and eliminate tendonitis inflammation and pain.

Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Wear and tear of your shoulder joint causes deterioration of soft tissues responsible for streamlining movement of the ball and socket mechanism. Osteoarthritis of the shoulder also occurs when a person engages in repetitive arm use while at work or playing sports. Symptoms of shoulder osteoarthritis include stiffness, joint pain and neck/upper back pain. Unless treated with chiropractic care at our Midtown clinic, frozen shoulder syndrome may develop, worsening pain and stiffness.

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