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Acupuncture for Headaches

When you have chronic headaches, it can be highly annoying and very frustrating. It can seriously affect your life and give you a lower quality of life. You may be kept from doing your normal tasks. There are a number of ways that headaches can be treated, and one great solution is to get acupuncture. Some patients have tried a few things for their headaches and found that they didn’t work for them. That’s when many patients will seek out an alternative treatment type such as acupuncture. You can use this treatment with other treatments to provide better relief. It also supplies a way to treat the condition without the use of pain medications that can be addictive. When you want to see a “chiropractor near me” to get acupuncture, call our office in to make an appointment. We at Bryant Park Health Medical serving Midtown, NY, Midtown West, NY, and New York, NY.


Having an Acupuncture Treatment

Many people avoid getting acupuncture because they aren’t sure what it will be like. However, many people find it to be relaxing to get this treatment. Getting acupuncture means having the practitioner use the pressure points in your body to relieve pain. When you have headaches, these points might be in various areas of the head and neck. When the right points are located, tiny needles are placed into the skin at those points. The needles are extremely thin, and people may not feel much as they are administered.

Does It Work and How?

There are varying ideas about the reason that acupuncture can be so effective for relieving pain. The traditional theory about the practice is that there are energy pathways running through the body and that blockages at various areas along those pathways are causing the pain. The needles are used to relieve those blockages and the pain. This allows the patient’s life energy to go back to flowing well. Although we know that is not how it works, acupuncture is often used today because it’s been found that when the needles are applied and activated, they will spur the body to release chemicals that relieve pain. This makes it a natural treatment that can help you get pain relief. Visit us for “acupuncture near me.” 

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