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Chiropractic care is now a top selection for improvements with overall health, wellness, and fitness.  The non-invasive treatments are also being chosen for pain mediation, complete healing, and sports performance improvements.   The friendly staff at Bryant Park Health Medical has enjoyed working with the areas’ residents of Bryant Park, Midtown, and Manhattan.  The two locations with available treatments make it more convenient for residents of the areas to schedule their appointments with our offices.  In addition to a chiropractic treatment, we also offer physical therapy, massage therapy, sports medicine, and acupuncture.  Our established locations at 501 5th Avenue, NY 10017 and 22 W 48th St are taking new patients and we always welcome referrals from our satisfied customers throughout the areas of Midtown New York and Manhattan.

Chiropractic Care Treatments

As the premier Manhattan chiropractic center, Rockefeller Health and Medical Chiropractic enjoys providing services for the people in New York and the surrounding area.  We are committed to provide excellent chiropractic solutions with customized care to meet your needs.  The proven success with pain relief and individualized care is important and the chiropractor at Bryant Park Health Medical has seen the results with happiness for complete healing.  Patients are pleased to see how simple the first visit can be when arriving at Bryant Park Health Medical.  The convenient locations and care available make it easier for patients.  We also offer informative information online with our bi-weekly newsletter, free articles, and a community content area.  These healthcare resources are offered to provide helpful information for our patients and include updates about the latest in chiropractic care.

Bryant Park Health Medical

Located close to Bryant Park, Bryant Park Health Medical has enjoyed being the premier Manhattan chiropractic center.  The residents and guests appreciate having a scheduled therapy session while working through their busy day.  You can check the location easily using online mapping services with Bryant Park Health Medical at two locations with zip codes of 10017 and 10036.  The offices are ready to serve you and the treatment selections are appreciated with the benefits of massages, acupuncture, or alignments for better athletic performance.  We are thankful for the success with support of our communities and we enjoy sharing the updates about our additional office location.  Our second location has a helpful list of treatments and solutions on the website at Bryant Park Health Medical.  You can find a friendly staff and some of the best chiropractor care solutions also available at this additional office.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, you can call our office today.   Good health goals always deserve the best of care.  

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